I want to sponsor the school

Sponsor our school

I’m involved in the MtotoSchool association to help educate Tanzanian children.

The construction of our school is finished but our work does not stop there.

We have to keep our project alive and help the students of MtotoSchool to receive a good education and benefit from one meal a day, give a salary to our 2 teachers, pay the registration fees of each student, supply the school with water, maintain the school, etc…

What does ‘school’ sponsorship consist of ?

The “school” sponsorship consists in helping us to support our school by making a donation of 20€ at the beginning of each month (66% tax deductible, i.e. 6€80 per month after tax deduction). We ask you to send us your donation between the 1st and the 6th of the month, which will allow us to transfer the sponsorship to Tanzania at the beginning of the month.

You will receive, in return via our facebook page, news about the school and the children. According to the statutes of our association, as a “sponsor”, you are a member of the association and will be invited to the general assemblies.

An official Cerfa tax receipt will be issued to you at the end of the year for all payments made.

We undertake to keep you informed of our activities and the evolution of the project (use of donations). 

By being a godmother or godfather of our school, you have the possibility to please one or more students if you wish (birthday gift, Christmas gift, or just for the pleasure of giving). We can introduce you to the students and if you have a crush you can become a godmother or godfather of heart! You will thus be able to know his or her evolution and academic results.

You will be able to offer different gifts that our team will buy on the spot or that we will buy ourselves if we are in the village when you order : 

  • 1 goat : 30 euros
  • 1 hen : 10 euros
  • rice : about 1 euro per kilo
  • clothes : 15 euros
  • a pair of shoes : 20 euros

To order a gift, just send us an email and specify what you wish to offer.

The amount of your gift is also 66% tax deductible.

Thanks to your sponsorship, the children will have a chance to build a better future and to blossom in a welcoming school. The sustainability of the school and its future depends mostly on sponsorships.

If you wish to stop your sponsorship, there is no deadline to respect. A letter from you telling us the date of termination of your sponsorship will be sufficient.

Want to live this great adventure with MtotoSchool ?! Contact us and we will send you the necessary documents to start your sponsorship as well as the bank statement of our association.

Do not hesitate to contact us